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Jody and Luke talk leadership, being accountable for your 51% and politics without being political. 


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Jody and Luke hop on the mic for a quick update on what Jody has been up too, Rambo review and to announce the start of a new project - Unflinching, The Making of a Canadian Sniper - Audiobook


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Jody and Kelley recap their latest adventure to West Virginia to shoot guns and blow stuff up, Athenas reaction to being at the range, beta testing Fire Team Alpha and spreading rumours about a special event and LIVE Podcast in September 2019 ....  


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Jody and Kelley recap their trip to Florida, introduce a new pup to the pack, discuss the direction of their future business Fire Team Alpha and get ready for the next trip to West Virginia for all things tactical and awesome!

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Jody and Luke break radio silence to bring you the full disclosure update from Jody on what the hell happened, where he has been, recent success and where he is headed next. 


➡️ The Panthera Experience

Join us February 22-23-24 for The Panthera Experience at the Panthera Training Centre in West Virgina with The Weapon Hunter - Paul Shull.

This 3 day experience is $1500.00 USD, this includes your room, board, chow and ammo!! All you have to do is get there!

Staffed by all former SpecOps personnel from all branches of the military the Panthera Training Centre offers all the excitement you can handle. 

➡️ Fans of The Jody Mitic Podcast get 10% off when they call 1-519-500-8911 and say "Jody sent me".


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➡️ The Jody Mitic Podcast is proudly produced by Podcast Wagon

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Jody & Luke are joined by a couple of beavers! Nick & Boris are Canadian Armed Forces Veteran bros who own and operate Tactical Beaver and True North Tradecraft. 


Check them out here:

Get a 10% discount from Tactical Beaver Apparel using the discount code TBMITIC

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Jody & Mark tackle the tough issues .. sort of .. this is a fun one! Mark Hatfield is Stand Up Comedian, Bad-ass hero Firefighter, Professional Football & Professional Hockey Player, TV Show Host and Motivational Speaker.

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Jody & Luke sort out a solid zombie apocalypse action plan, Jody is off to Oregon for a week of Long Range Shooting, they also discuss the latest on our Minister of National Defence.

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Jody & Luke are joined by Nick Castiglia, MMA badass, he passion for the sport has helped spawn Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts and Wreck MMA ..


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A good 'ol dose of malarky with Jody & Luke. Snapchat & kids, United Airlines, Nigerian email scams, Unicorns and so much more.... strap in tight!


check us out at

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Jody & Luke sit down and rap about the last few weeks, Jody's return from Canada Reads, Naked & Afraid, Podcast T-Shirts are cleared hot! and all kinds of goodness...

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Jody & Luke are joined by Marc Cooper, former Canadian Armed Forces, Practitioner of Ninjutsu and owner of Hayabusa Ninjutsu in Ottawa, Ontario. We talk about the history of Ninjutsu, staying away from McDojo's and what he is doing to bring Ninjutsu into the mainstream. 

check out

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Jody & Luke bust out of the studio and into Ze Kitchen, in Cumberland, Ontario. We talk about the food, the history of the Heritage Building, Ghosts, Mattis tightening the screws on NATO, GSP is back, and Refugees...

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Jody & Luke are joined by George for a rousing discussion. George is a Royal Military College grad in Politics and Psychology, Veteran military intelligence analyst and now Managing Partner of Intelligence AI Computing Corp. We dive deep into almost everything, use of force, SOP's, Israel & Palestine conflict and more...

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Jody & Luke talk trying to be all about that Keto life, Jody's trip to Vegas, Shot Show - good and bad, Shooting, and plenty of Q & A. 

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Jody & Luke are joined by Survivorman, Les Stroud. Survival Expert, Author, Musician, Producer, Film Maker and more.... We talk music, environment, whats next for Survivorman, and of course, survival. 

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Jody & Luke return to the studio after Christmas and new Years holidays and Jody's 40th Birthday. We quickly become Etymologist, 3 things to carry with you, discuss the  badass who smacked a cougar to save his dog and Tribe Questions...

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Jody, Luke & Adam reunite for a fun episode that takes a twists and turns. Adam is a former spy and current bad-ass hand-to-hand combat expert. We get into Aleppo, Peacekeeping, anti-terrorism, buying christmas gifts, music, and almost everything else!

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Jody & Luke saddle up for an all Tribe Questions episode ... Answering life-altering questions with the greatest of ease. We talk Guns, Ammo, Glass, Leadership, Cold Therapy and Jody drops details on a new book project.

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Jody sits down with Jeff Alpaugh, Canadian Veteran, and owner of Jeff Alpaugh Custom - The World's Most Dangerous Dress Shirt.

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Jody and Luke are back with MP, Todd Doherty! Todd is passionate about establishing a National Framework on PTSD and Mental Health Challenges for First Responders, Veterans and Military (Bill C-211). 


Twitter: @ToddDohertyMP

Instagram: @todd_doherty

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Jody & Luke are joined by Shawna Pandya, a Scientist-astronaut candidate, MD, Speaker, Musician, Martial Artist, and a hard-charging kick-ass Canadian! We talk about her journey, Special Ops mentality, how she learns and more...

Check out Shawna on Twitter & Instagram: @shawnapadya


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Jody & Luke unholster the mics and land tight groupings on a Jody 3.0 update, 30 days to go! Another big project coming soon, misuse of safe space, and rabbit holes.....of course... 

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Jody & Luke are joined by Josh Styles, co-owner of OCR Academy and Ninja badass, you are getting down with Jeep talk, Election talk, Nutrition and more ...

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Jody, Luke & Nick reunite for an heroic podcast of prodigious pontification, solving 93.5% of all problems ever!

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Jody & Luke talk On Combat; the importance of Warriors & Soldiers, Dillion Hillier, accidental discharge - ownership & leadership, painted F-18, Russian tactical misdirection and more...

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Jody & Luke are back on the mic on Thanksgiving! Montana BAMF bear attack survivor, taxes, Apache coffee mugs & Tesla town ... We are the good guys ..

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Jody & Luke are joined by Jesse James: a horse riding' , gun shooting, duck hunting' tattoo artist master of the universe, we jump right into golden ass, teens suing parents, virtual reality, and Tribe Questions!

If your coordinates are close to Ottawa, Ont, you can find Jesse at Planet Ink on Rideau St. Check out his art on Instagram: @jessejamestattoo


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Jody and Luke get up to get down! Jody 3.0, you might want to ditch that Samsung phone, Master Death List debacle, sugar scandal, time to learn Spanish, gun talk, Tribe Questions!


Intro music - Nathan Flutebox Lee & Beardyman

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10th Anniversary of OP Medusa - Jody breaks down the how the chaos unfolded, 1st Anniversary of Unflinching, The Making of a Canadian Sniper hitting the shelves, we say beat it nerd to head phone jack and look to the future...

Thank you Tribe! For continuing to listen, support, comment and share with us, you guys are appreciated!

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Fresh off a visit to CFB Shilo to talk to the Troops, Jody has an important Jody 3.0 update, we take on Trolls and the culture of hate on the internet, meditation to build your brain, Kaepernick, the shots that saved Captain Phillips and Tribe Questions...

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Phil Gurski & Adam Nero come by and drop some serious knowledge on us! We go deep on Terrorism in Canada and abroad, where it is coming from, where it is going, and what we can do about it right now. 


Phil Gurski, Borealis Threat & Risk Consulting               T: @borealissaves

Adam Nero, Ronin Training System T: @RoninTrng

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Jody returns from the depths of the Ontario wilderness to give us an update on Jody 3.0. An important message on transition for Veterans, Rio Olympics, a foiled Terrorist Attack and so much more. 

Treat yourselves to the new social media pages exclusively for the podcast:

Twitter: @miticpodcast 

Snap Chat: @miticpodcast

Instagram: @thejodymiticpodcast

Facebook: The Jody Mitic Podcast

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Jody & Luke are joined by Adam Nesrallah, retired Spy and Self Defence Badass! We're taking on Jason Bourne, and the world!

Adam's Website:

T - @RoninTrng

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Dr. Chris Raynor from Human 2.0 joins Jody and Luke to discuss his treatment and training philosophy, his view of he world, todays lack of natural selection, and Tribe questions!

check out


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Cats are not your friend, Jody's Trusty Ol' 1911 .45, Dallas Shooting, BLM - Toronto, Jody 3.0 update, Questions from the Tribe!

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Jody and Luke have a couple of guest come by and dive into the Bear punching badass, and dive deep into Pride Toronto and the Black Lives Matter Protest. 

Thank you to Firehaus Coffee Roasters for the fuel!

Special thanks to our guest Veronique Bergeron, find her at:

Facebook - 

Instagram - @fearless_family_life_ 

Twitter - @veroniqueberg 

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Jody and Luke are back in action! Recapping a busy few weeks, Jody 3.0 update, how to get your Military leave approved, Snipers - military & police, Istanbul bombing, questions from the Tribe, and Jody takes us on a musical roller coaster of awesomeness ... 

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Jody & Luke dig into Jeep life, issues of the Modern Veterans, St.Johns NFLD is a special place, UFC Ottawa, the Orlando shooting and We Are The Good Guys!

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Do you even hum a good intro brah? Shark Tales! - Warriors for Warriors Tournament.    Is Ottawa swallowing itself? Keep an eye out for Ghostkeepers ....

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Jody & Luke dig into Unflinching, Jodys writing process, therapeutic effects of telling your story, Guns and ammo geek out, bus shelter mayhem and Jody answers questions from the Tribe. 

Special Thanks to Firehaus Coffee Roasters - 613.407.9087 A great local business roasting awesome coffee!

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Jody reviews his trip to San Diego, recording the Jocko Podcast, exploring the USS Midway, his busy day at council, whats coming up for the city of Ottawa and how the bodybuilding struggle is real.

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Intro to The Jody Mitic Podcast. Outbound for San Diego, Cover & Move in the office, missing your plane is not awesome, butter coffee and raising babies. 

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